I had remembered the registry of motor vehicles as a stressful place with bureaucracy and tons of paperwork. When I renewed my registration today, it took thirty seconds! I’m still not sure why I couldn’t do it online, like every other time I renewed it, but at least it was painless.

Automating My Now Page Part 1: Playing with REST APIs in Python

One of my favorite parts of the IndieWeb is the now page—you can find mine here. A now page is where someone can list what they’re focusing on right now versus a general description of them that you might see on an “About” page. It’s easy to manually update my now page, and portions of it should be intentionally written. However, it makes sense to automatically update some parts, like the “What I’m listening to” section.

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Finished reading: Tress of the Emerald Sea by Brandon Sanderson 📚

Wow. What a great read! I really enjoyed reading a story in Hoid’s voice.

Currently reading: Tress of the Emerald Sea by Brandon Sanderson 📚

We started listening to this over the weekend during a couple of 5+ hour drives. I love how many references there are for Cosmere-aware nerds, but even my new-to-Sanderson partner is really enjoying it!

Finished reading: Dawnshard by Brandon Sanderson 📚

I just discovered NearbyWiki (via Recomendo). It’s really interesting to see everything in my neighborhood deemed important enough to have a Wikipedia page!

My favorite part about Saturday is the enormous breakfast I eat after my long run 🥞

Finished reading: Arcanum Unbounded: The Cosmere Collection by Brandon Sanderson 📚

I’m taking a training for a professional certification for my day job. Aside from the prospects for career advancement, I’m excited to have an excuse to use Obsidian for actual knowledge management!

Currently reading: Arcanum Unbounded: The Cosmere Collection by Brandon Sanderson 📚

I’m on a Brandon Sanderson kick right now, I think I’ll try something new after this so I don’t burn out!

My Goals for Q1 2024

For 2024, I’ve decided to break my year into quarters for goal-setting and planning purposes. This method is popularly described in The 12 Week Year by Brian P. Moran and Michael Lennington. I can’t say I’m doing this the way they describe it in the book, but I got the idea from them. For the first quarter of 2024, I’ve set five objectives, two related to my day job and three personal:

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Finished reading: Elantris by Brandon Sanderson 📚

I’ve decided to be extra about this D&D campaign and keep an in-character journal. My first entry was over 1,300 words… I can’t remember the last time I wrote that much.

As much as like the idea of snow and real winter weather, it does make my morning runs quite a bit less enjoyable. I guess I’m training mental endurance as well as physical!

Currently reading: Elantris by Brandon Sanderson 📚

I wanted to get out of the apartment today, so I went to the Queens County Farm Museum. I imagine the farm really shines in the warmer months or harvest season, but it was still nice to see something like this in the middle of Queens!

Photograph of a blue tractor with a bright orange trailer attached. In the background there are high rise apartment buildings.A sheep standing in a shelter with a basket of hay hanging on the wall above it's head.A very large white pig walking through a leaf-strewn field.A close up photo of large black and white pig.A white goat laying on a wooden cart and looking at the camera.A large quantity of hens gathering in the corner of their fenced-in area. They think I have food for them.A brown cow standing in a field with row houses/apartments in the background.

I’ve been playing around with “side quests” as a way to add a bit of color to my weekly to-do’s. This week is “visit a local museum.” Thankfully I won’t have any trouble finding one in NYC, but picking which one might prove difficult!

Finished reading: Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson 📚

Working on my character journal for the new campaign my friends are starting!

An image of an open binder with a role-playing game character sheet. On the left, there's an image of a nonbinary character with dark hair and glasses, surrounded by information like ancestry (Changeling, Half-Elf) and background (Sage). The character's alignment, "Chaotic Good," is noted below. The right page, meant for the character's backstory and traits, is blank. A pencil, a roll of double sided tape, and an eraser lie on the desk (which is a horrible mess just out of frame).

📝 Writing never been a strength of mine and I’d like to work on that this year. I also want to have more of a public presence/record of my work. And as such, here I am!