Jeffrey Florek, Jr.

I don’t need any more projects, but AllTheGearNoIdea’s Pi Pico Weather Station is certainly going on my someday/maybe list.

I haven’t touched my Prusa MK3S+ in a year or two, yet it starts up and makes perfect prints as if I had built it yesterday. It was an expensive machine, but it’s nice to have something that doesn’t require tinkering.

I forgot how much I enjoy making bread when I have an actual kitchen in which to bake. One day!

After spending way too much time and having stayed up way too late, I think I may have the beginning of a website I can actually use!

Well, it’s fully functional as far as I can tell. Now all I have to do is wait for the keycaps to arrive… hopefully they ship soon!

Photo of a do-it-yourself split mechanical keyboard that is fully assembled except for keycaps.

Finished reading: Caliban’s War by James S. A. Corey 📚

Rereading the Expanse novels as a refresher before reading the final book. I’m enjoying the harder sci-fi aspects of the series (ignoring the elephant in the room here). I should add The Martian to my reading list.

Airport runway names in the US change as Earths magnetic field shifts — not something I had ever thought about. Interesting! Source: NOAA via Hacker News

PCBs for my keyboard build (Sofle Choc) came in!

A photo of two unpopulated printed circuit boards on a silicon soldering mat.

First step towards automating my espresso machine. Now I need to get myself some isopropyl alcohol to clean up all the flux.

Photo of a microcontroller inserted into a breakout board with terminal blocks.

My Pinecil soldering iron came in last night. Slowly migrating everything in my life over to USB C.

Photo of a soldering iron sitting on a black pleather mat.

I’m very happy with my first embroidery so far, but oh my is it a time sink… I guess that’s what hobbies are for.

Photo of an unfinished embroidery piece of a cat laying in a hanging flower pot.

I ran my first half marathon today!

Picture of a man wearing a race bib and medal. Text reads: 'distance: 13.21 miles, time: 1:50:24.

I just bought (most of) the parts to modify my espresso machine with a Gaggiuino. I’m looking forward to having another electronics project! Now to find my soldering iron…