Automating My Now Page Part 1: Playing with REST APIs in Python

    One of my favorite parts of the IndieWeb is the now page—you can find mine here. A now page is where someone can list what they’re focusing on right now versus a general description of them that you might see on an “About” page. It’s easy to manually update my now page, and portions of it should be intentionally written. However, it makes sense to automatically update some parts, like the “What I’m listening to” section.

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    Satellite Imagery with RTL-SDR and GOES 16

    Receiving full disk images of the Earth from GOES 16 with an RTL-SDR and a 2.4 GHz Parabolic Grid Antenna 👋 Heads up! This article was originally posted on my old website in April of 2019. While the general process of receiving images from GOES 16 won’t have changed, the software tools may have evolved since then. Make sure to read the documentation for goestools and don’t copy and paste any terminal commands below without fully understanding what you’re asking for!

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    Here’s a closeup of the screen — I can’t wait until this is functional.

    Close up photo of a small touchscreen showing a user interface designed for operating an espresso machine.

    Making progress on my Gaggiuino project. Baby steps here, but it feels great to see the screen and thermocouple working!

    Photo of a microcontroller wired up to a relay, thermocouple, and touchscreen.

    Well, it’s fully functional as far as I can tell. Now all I have to do is wait for the keycaps to arrive… hopefully they ship soon!

    Photo of a do-it-yourself split mechanical keyboard that is fully assembled except for keycaps.

    PCBs for my keyboard build (Sofle Choc) came in!

    A photo of two unpopulated printed circuit boards on a silicon soldering mat.

    First step towards automating my espresso machine. Now I need to get myself some isopropyl alcohol to clean up all the flux.

    Photo of a microcontroller inserted into a breakout board with terminal blocks.

    I just bought (most of) the parts to modify my espresso machine with a Gaggiuino. I’m looking forward to having another electronics project! Now to find my soldering iron…